Cómo cuidar tus LOA

How to care for your LOAs

they reach us queries on this subject and the best thing is to have First hand information.

we are going to leave you four fundamental tips to follow and keep in mind:

1-Always remember to remove before coming into contact with water.

Whether in the shower, the sea, or in a pool...

Our petals do not like to be soaked and minerals fear water 😉

two- Once you have finished putting on your makeup, perfume or cream, it is the ideal time to put on our earrings, chains and bracelets... always last on the list!

Chemical or alcoholic products can alter the integrity of delicate products.

Nail polish and perfume are not good friends either.

3- All earrings with petals must be treated with care.

It is not that they are fragile but they are delicate.

It is best to store ourselves at the end of the day in a place protected from the sun and humidity.


4- Silver and gold plated minerals can change their tone a bit due to the natural chemical evolution of the metals.

It's not about oxidation , (a Chemical process produced by a reaction of the metal in contact with oxygen) our toilets As silver is a noble metal, it does not oxidize, it “fulfurates”.

That is, it changes color slightly.

We recommend as prevention not to expose ourselves in very humid places, and keep them dry.

There are soft and special cloths to clean your pieces, you have to use them to remove natural oils from our body, sweat or residue.

A good drying will leave them shiny.

We hope we have helped.

In the case of having more questions, write to us, we read you all!

Happy day!

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