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crown with preserved flowers for weddings, communions, events

Light Crown

After the success of the previous spring collection “Get Lucky” with our earrings, crowns, bracelets, headbands, rings and clips… for guests and brides, we finally decided to also create a new summer collection and we called it “Rock Your Body”.

Our main concern was as always you.

We did not want that with the number of weddings and events that we have been able to celebrate this year, you were the same or repeating models.

OHHHH!!! noooo!!!!

So once again, and with those of us who like messing around and getting involved 😉 we got down to work.

How beautiful and how exciting to create new models for you, with the trend colors of this summer' 22.

Fuchsias, greens, lilacs, oranges, blues… The color of flowers!

Once the collection is finished, we quickly gather our girls to be able to show you how the new models look.

We hope you can all enjoy it!

preserved flower earrings

Sara wears the Indigo earrings and Paula wears the Garbi earrings

matching preserved flower headband and earrings

Sara with Bugambilia headband and earrings

long blue earrings with preserved flower

Paula with long Indigo earrings

earrings and headdress with preserved flowers in lilac and fuchsia

Sara with earrings and double Lucky comb

preserved lavender flower earrings

Sara with lavender earring

I hope you like the new models.

A big, big kiss to our dear and incredible photographer Sabrina Edith @dreemyourlifee How beautiful you are!

You can discover more on our website www.loabijoux.com

Any questions or queries do not hesitate to write me.

A big kiss, we love you.

Love One Another.

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