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Christmas present for the best answer

Friends, today we want to take the opportunity to send you all our Love during the upcoming Christmas holidays.
The truth is that this year has been quite a challenge and we are very grateful to have clients like you ❤
We will never tire of thanking you!
If we could define this year 2022 in a few words it would be: "Illusion, Projection and Tenacity."
After spending several years in our studio, in May we had the opportunity to move to the new workshop, open to the public, with the hope of continuing to grow, improve our work and all our services.
And we will not lie to you when we say that it has been nice, it has been beautiful, it has been many hours of work, it has been rewarding and it has also been hard.
"Hard" because we are extremely detailed, meticulous and perfectionist. We like a job well done and we do not settle for things halfway.
Wow, it has been a year that has had everything and we are still delighted here!
And as we reflect on the year and continue to look to the future, it occurred to us to think...
- What should our followers really, really (really) wish for this Christmas?
- What would really make you very happy?
We are very clear about it!:
Continue loving and dedicating ourselves to LOA , giving all the love and affection that our project deserves and like almost every human being on earth at this time, may we get a "little piece" of the fat this year ☺🤞
So for this reason, always thinking of you, and thanking you for your support, we propose our special Christmas raffle today.
The answer we like the most will win our beautiful Janet necklace.
Do you dare to participate?
janet loa bijoux necklace
Thank you for following us and joining us Loa's
We wish you luck and the best for these holidays.
Team Loa.
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La ganadora del sorteo es Mireia Nadal Royo, te contactaremos por email para recibir tu regalo :)
Saludos y gracias a todas por participar :)


Mi mayor deseo es que la Magia de la Navidad , devuelva la salud a mi marido

Fina Sendra Rocher

Desearía que cada día tengamos la misma ilusión por la vida como la que tendremos el día de nuestra boda (que será el año que viene 💜)

Marianela Reyes

Lo que realmente me haría feliz es encontrar un trabajo donde no nos valoren como números sino como personas con sentimientos y Seguir disfrutando de mi gato por muchos años


Le pediría aprobar las oposiciones….

Maria Carmona salinas

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