¡Street style a todo color!

Street style in full color!

Autumn is colorful and makes us happy and comforted.

This is not the time for shadows or dark colors.

We want joy, desire to live!

The 70s inspiration returns with shoulder pads, satin fabrics, puffed sleeves and shorts.

Nude and brown colors are making a comeback. But the most important colors to take into account are going to be red, fuchsia, orange, violet, yellow, green, aqua blue, and gold.

Red and fuchsia are invigorating colors.

Green, also called Dark Sprigs, is a very versatile alternative to black.

The water color is like a sky on a summer day. A key colour.

Yellow is joy, optimism and energy.

And the gold is now called Golden Harvest, a warm fusion between the three great trends: beige, ecru and yellow. Something more relaxing than the other colors but tremendously attractive.

Surely starting to combine these colors seems like a real madness to you. A challenge.

Would you like to find the key?

The secret is knowing how to combine the opposite pigment colors. Opposite pigment?... and what is that?...

Let's discover the secret, it's actually very simple:

Opposite Blue Orange

Opposite Red Green

Opposite Yellow Violet

It may be that this trend neither seduces you nor you are willing to play with this madness of opposite colors, so what you can do is use monochromatic in different ranges of colors adding the opposite colors to your accessories, shoes, trainers, belt, scarf, bag …

And to finish a total look:

Beautiful and striking earrings that always contrast.

Let see your earrings!

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See you soon!

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