LOA bijoux is an online store of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories for all occasions, thought and made with great care so that you look beautiful.

Located in Barcelona we create these accessories so that it reaches all of you and you can enjoy these beautiful handmade items.
We think of the planet so we do not use any plastic in the packaging

All our pieces are conceived to be combined in order to create perfect looks for every occasion, becoming, when worn, an extension of the personality of each woman.

Our collection is constantly evolving, and we keep adding new pieces following the creative rhythm of trends.

About us

Mother and daughter, we have been creating and thinking about this project for more than a year.
Because we love accessories and flowers, we thought ...

What can be nicer than combining both?

Isabel creative by birth there is nothing to stop her, her mind is very restless and she always has new models in mind, ideas, products, her little head does not rest. Each design she creates has a unique personality.

Agda specialized in marketing, creates content and studies the strategy for the project to move forward, thinking about the greatest satisfaction for our clients and specializing in something exclusive and differential.

All our creations are made by us and are handmade, one by one.
That makes each piece unique and simply yours.

We hope you love our products

Isabel & Agda

Isabel & Agda  - LOA

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