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Earrings Ballet

Earrings Ballet

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Asymmetrical White Floral Earrings: A Floral Ballet of Unique Elegance

Explore the enchanted world with our exclusive white floral asymmetric earrings, designed for women looking for an original and elegant style statement at weddings and special events. This exceptional one celebrates floral diversity, merging numerous flowers in one earring and a single flower in the other, creating a duality that becomes a floral ballet.

Featured Features:

Asymmetrical Harmony: These earrings challenge norms with their creative asymmetry. On one side, a profusion of white flowers of different sizes dance in perfect harmony, while on the other, its single flower becomes the centerpiece, standing out with its singular elegance. This duality adds a touch of modernity and creativity to your style.

Floral Variation: Immerse yourself in the purity of white flowers, presentations in a varied range of shapes and sizes. Each petal is a unique masterpiece.

Elegant Balance : Despite the floral diversity, these earrings find an exquisite balance, fusing the striking with the subtle. The lightness of each flower ensures a striking presence without giving up comfort.

Unique Style Expression: Perfect to shine at weddings, receptions and formal events, these earrings offer a unique style statement for girls who want to express their personality in a bold and sophisticated way.

Versatility in Occasions:

Weddings and Special Celebrations: Elevate your bridal or guest style with the originality and elegance of these asymmetrical earrings, adding a distinctive touch to your presence.

Avant-garde Events: Dazzle at fashion events and galas, where creative expression and elegance merge into a style statement that steals attention.

Unforgettable Gift : Surprise a special friend with a gift that celebrates diversity and uniqueness, encapsulated in each petal of these unique earrings.

The asymmetrical white floral earrings offer a striking floral ballet.
Pay attention to all eyes!


Made of gold or silver plated brass depending on your choice.

with preserved flowers


5 - 10 business days

Care Instructions

The conservation of preserved flowers is eternal as long as you keep them away from direct exposure to the sun and humidity.

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