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Earrings Botanic

Earrings Botanic

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White Hydrangea and Green Bud Earrings: Floral Elegance that Hugs Your Ear

Discover natural sophistication with our charming white hydrangea earrings, designed for those women looking for a delicate botanical touch close to the ear. These earrings are not only accessories, they are small expressions of the freshness and elegance that only white hydrangeas can provide.

Featured Features:

·Preserved White Hydrangea Leaves and Green Buds: Each earring is adorned with exquisite white hydrangeas and green leaves, all preserved to maintain their beauty and freshness. The combination of flowers and leaves creates a harmonious design that reflects nature at its finest.

· Close-to-Ear Fit: These earrings are designed to gently hug the shape of the ear, creating a charming and natural effect. The adaptability close to the ear ensures that the flower-leaf ensemble stands out in an elegant and comfortable way.

· Lightness and Comfort: Despite their visual presence, these earrings are light and comfortable to wear. The delicacy of white hydrangeas combines with ease of use to offer an effortless and stylish experience.

· Color Contrast: The combination of white hydrangeas and green leaves adds a touch of contrast and freshness, creating a visual harmony that adapts to a variety of styles and occasions.

Versatility in Occasions:

Bohemian Style Weddings : Perfect for brides or guests looking for a bohemian and natural touch in their wedding attire.

Spring and Summer Events: Add a touch of freshness and romance to seasonal events, complementing the light and joy of the season.

Charming Gift: Celebrate special moments by gifting the timeless delicacy of white hydrangeas to someone you love.

Ear-hugging white hydrangea earrings are a lovely choice for those who want to bring floral elegance up close and personal. With these small works of botanical art, allow the freshness and grace of white hydrangeas to brighten your style on every occasion.



Made of gold or silver plated brass depending on your choice.

with preserved flowers


5 - 10 business days

Care Instructions

The conservation of preserved flowers is eternal as long as you keep them away from direct exposure to the sun and humidity.

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