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Avani Crown

Avani Crown

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Flower Crown for Communion: Tender Elegance in Earth Tones and White Paniculata

Celebrate a special day with our charming flower crown, designed for girls receiving their First Communion. This crown, made with delicate petals of preserved hydrangea flowers in earth tones and touches of white paniculata, provides a tender and elegant touch, creating a perfect accessory to complement your special outfit.

Featured Features:

Hydrangea Petals in Earth Tones: The wreath features preserved hydrangea flowers in earth tones, creating a soft and harmonious palette. These flowers embody tenderness and simplicity, adding a natural touch to the First Communion celebration.

White Paniculata Details: Touches of white paniculata intertwine with the hydrangea flowers, providing a delicate luminosity and an angelic touch. The paniculata evokes purity and simplicity, complementing the occasion with its timeless beauty.

Adjustable Crown Design: The crown has been designed to fit comfortably on the girl's head. Its adjustable structure ensures a secure and comfortable fit, allowing you to enjoy the day with ease.

Soft Satin Ribbon Tie: The crown is secured with a soft satin ribbon, adding a touch of elegance and allowing for a custom fit. The ribbon can be tied delicately at the back, complementing the design with grace.

Versatility in Occasions:

First Communion: The crown is the ideal accessory for girls celebrating their First Communion. Adds a heavenly touch to the outfit, symbolizing purity and grace on this special day.

Memorable Photo Sessions: Perfect for photo sessions before or after the ceremony. The wreath adds a charming and timeless element, creating visual memories that will last over time.

Religious Events and Celebrations: Suitable for other religious celebrations and special events where a tender and natural elegance is sought. The crown is versatile and can adapt to various occasions.


The First Communion flower crown, with its earth-toned hydrangea flowers and white paniculata details, is a symbol of tender elegance. Designed to complement girls' outfits on this special day, this crown adds a touch of grace and natural beauty.

May the celebration be full of joy and unforgettable moments!


Made of gold or silver plated brass depending on your choice.

with preserved flowers


5 - 10 business days

Care Instructions

The conservation of preserved flowers is eternal as long as you keep them away from direct exposure to the sun and humidity.

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