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Peach Hairpins

Peach Hairpins

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Floral Hairpins in Peach Color: Subtle Elegance to Adorn Your Hairstyles, pack of 4 hairpins

Beautify your hairstyle with our charming floral hair clips in soft and radiant peach color. These hair clips, with floral fabric details, are the perfect choice to add a touch of freshness and subtle elegance to your style. Discover how these delicate accessories can enhance your beauty in a natural and chic way.

Featured Features:

Floral Fabric Details: Each hairpin features delicate floral details made of fabric. The softness and texture of the fabric adds a lovely tactile and visual element, creating a floral embellishment that stands out without being overwhelming.

Trend Peach Color: The peach color, chosen as the trend of the year, is presented subtly in these hairpins, adding a contemporary and fresh touch to your hairstyle. The softness of this shade complements a variety of hair styles and colors.

Subtle Elegance: These hairpins offer an elegance that does not go unnoticed but is not excessive either. The combination of floral details and the peach tone adds a subtle and refined touch to your hairstyle, perfect for various occasions.

Firm and Comfortable Hold : Despite their delicate design, the hairpins are designed for a firm and comfortable hold on your hair. You can trust them to stay in place while adding floral charm to your style.

Versatility in Occasions:

· Spring Events: Ideal for spring events where freshness and renewal are celebrated. These hairpins add a flowery touch to your look, complementing the atmosphere of the season.

· Romantic Weddings: Perfect for brides looking for a discreet but charming floral decoration. Peach hairpins add a romantic and soft touch to your bridal hairstyle.

· Everyday Days: Use them to give a fresh touch to your daily hairstyles. These hairpins are versatile and can elevate even the simplest styles with their subtle elegance.


Peach floral hair clips are a charming accessory that transforms your hairstyles into works of art. Enjoy the freshness of the year's trend while adding a subtle floral touch to your style, highlighting your beauty with elegance.

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Made of gold or silver plated brass depending on your choice.

with preserved flowers


5 - 10 business days

Care Instructions

The conservation of preserved flowers is eternal as long as you keep them away from direct exposure to the sun and humidity.

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