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Earrings GLEAM

Earrings GLEAM

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Golden Preserved Eucalyptus Hoop Earring: Large and Spectacular

Embark on a unique style experience with our impressive earring, where the majesty of preserved eucalyptus merges with a golden hoop, creating a jewel that steals glances. Large and dramatic, this earring is the perfect fashion statement for those looking for a bold and elegant touch.

Large Preserved Eucalyptus: The preserved eucalyptus, with its rich golden hue, is the protagonist of this earring. The magnitude of the eucalyptus creates a stunning visual impact, adding a unique fusion of nature and glamour.

Elegance in Size and Shape: The combination of the bold size of the eucalyptus and the shape of the hoop results in a piece that captures the essence of elegance. This earring is ideal for those looking to stand out with a statement piece of jewelry without sacrificing elegance.

Secure and Comfortable Closure: Despite its striking appearance, the earring is designed with a secure and comfortable closure. The attention to comfort ensures that you can wear this spectacular accessory with confidence and style.

Versatility in Occasions:

· Elegant Evening Events: Perfect for evening events, galas and elegant dinners. The golden shine and the striking presence of eucalyptus make this earring the ideal choice for special occasions.

· Sophisticated Weddings: Add a unique and elegant touch to your bridal look. This earring is a stunning option for brides looking for an accessory that will stand out on their special day.

· Exclusive Gift: An exclusive gift for those people who appreciate bold and spectacular fashion. This earring is a gesture of style and distinction.


The golden preserved eucalyptus hoop earring is much more than a piece of jewelry, it is a work of art that fuses nature with luxury. Wear this spectacular accessory and experience the feeling of standing out with elegance on any occasion.


Made of gold or silver plated brass depending on your choice.

with preserved flowers


5 - 10 business days

Care Instructions

The conservation of preserved flowers is eternal as long as you keep them away from direct exposure to the sun and humidity.

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