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month flower bracelet

month flower bracelet

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Almost everything in life has a reason. Would you like to know which flower represents the month of the year in which you were born?
The flowers are also associated with the different months of the year and they all have a particular and beautiful message.


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Flowers month by month, discover yours

January - Carnation

The carnation represents pride, beauty, admiration and gratitude. This flower is often associated with fascination, a feeling more than appropriate for the beginning of a new year.
Carnations are usually associated, sentimentally, with joy and charm.

February - Irises

Its soft blue and white tones represent faith, courage, wisdom and hope.
In Ancient Greece, Iris, as the personification of the Rainbow (Iris in Greek) was the messenger of the gods, the link between heaven and earth.

March - Daffodil

This flower that blooms in late winter, with its bright yellow color, personifies the rebirth to life , new beginnings. The return to youth.
Presented in an abundant bouquet, they promise happiness and joy.

April - Margaret

Legend has it that the origin of the daisy is due to a nymph who transformed herself into a charming but unassuming wildflower to escape unwanted attention.
It personifies youthful joy and innocence, it is the very essence of happy spring .

June - Rose

Symbol of love and passion, the rose is rich in symbology. Although each color has a different meaning and the number of flowers carries a particular message, the rose represents beauty and perfection , but also health and wealth.

July - Water Lily

The water lily or Zantedeschia aethiopica is a plant that is associated with different meanings, most of them associated with purity and spirituality.

August - Poppy

The history of the poppy dates back to Mesopotamia; It was given the Sumerian name of “gil”, which means joy and happiness . Then it appears described in the works of Hippocrates for its medicinal values. First of all, a red poppy symbolizes pleasure. At the same time, a white poppy is given to a woman when comforting her, and a yellow poppy is given to represent wishes for wealth and success.

September - Asters

For a long time, magical powers have been attributed to it. Formerly, it was believed that if aster leaves were burned, their perfume warded off evil.
Aster symbolizes patience . Today, this beautiful flower is considered a talisman of love and a symbol of elegance.

October - Calendula

The marigold or Maravilla, bright and colorful, with large orange flowers, is the quintessence of autumn flowers. It represents affection and grace.

November - Topaz

Chrysanthemums, symbols of the sun, were highly valued in ancient times. They signify optimism and happiness. It symbolizes joy.

It is said that if a simple petal is placed at the bottom of a glass of wine, it will bring a long and healthy life.

December - Daffodil

It symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings, and eternal life . But at the same time it symbolizes unrequited love, a love that reminds us of the legend