El poder simbólico de las flores

The symbolic power of flowers

Would you like to know the meaning of flowers ?

We already know that all flowers are different. They all contain their particular color, their special shape, their unique aroma, but perhaps you did not know that they also represent feelings, emotions and secret messages. Symbolic meanings that we are going to try to decipher.

Previously, when someone could not express their feelings, they used to resort to little tricks with flowers.

Would you like to know what each flower means with its different colors ?

Today we will find from romantic symbols to symbols of hope, the meanings behind some of the most popular flowers may surprise you.

Today we are going to try to reveal some of its secrets.

Maybe, at some point, someone tried to send you a message that you couldn't understand.

An exciting topic.

We will start with the Amaryllis for.

amaryllis flower

Ideal bridal bouquet with white amaryllis flower.

It represents the purity and femininity of women.

A bouquet with flower Amaryllis It is for a strong, beautiful and self-confident woman.

Your message would be “If you have a virtue, boast of it with pride” .

Amaryllis are usually white or red although there are also other colors with different meanings:

  • In the case of receiving colored flowers Red represent passion, love, beauty and attention luck! .
  • In the case of receiving colored flowers Orange they are wishing you health and happiness .
  • if they are colored Purple they are inviting you to experiment with the darker side spiritual of the life.
  • if they are colored Rosa , it's clear, don't hesitate to trust one pretty history of love or one good friendship
  • In the case of being colored White find your best version, femininity and purity to the power.
  • And if you receive a beautiful bouquet of color Yellow they are wishing you happiness and better times.

Have you ever been lucky enough to receive a beautiful bouquet of Amaryllis also known as Belladonna ?

I read you ^^

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