Those pieces that have flowers do not recommend that they get wet or stay in humid areas for a long time because it can spoil the flower.

Avoid spraying perfume, creams, products with alcohol or acids directly on them because they can damage the plating and cause the jewelry to lose its shine and color.

Try to be aware of your movements because any blow you give them could mark them with scratches and scratches.

Always put them on correctly so as not to damage the closures or change their original shape.

Remember: We do everything we can to make our jewelry eternal, but it all depends on you!

  • how to clean my jewelry

    Do not rub them excessively, or try to sand or polish them yourself.

    We recommend passing a cloth if the flower or earring has been stained with a little water, carefully.

  • where to store your jewelry

    Always organize your jewelry separately to prevent scratches from rubbing.

    Always keep your earrings in pairs and with their corresponding closures so that they do not get lost or lost.

    We recommend keeping them in dark spaces that do not get much sun and that have a space for them to breathe , that is, open spaces but not very bright.

  • My jewelry has been damaged and I have followed all the advice

    Write to us at or through the contact form .