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Christmas has come to Loa

Today we are exactly one month away from Christmas.
We have been preparing our store for some time to be able to offer you our news and latest trends.
Taking advantage of the fact that during this year we have created a new collection on the web called Deco , with decorative details for the home, we thought that it would be a good time to launch a specialChristmas Wreaths and Stars . And honestly we are very happy with the result.

A Christmas wreath is used to decorate both interiors and exteriors during the Christmas holidays.

Its meaning is that life goes on.
The circle of the Crown has no beginning or end, it symbolizes eternity, the immortality of the soul and eternal life.
As of November 29, it is the perfect time to start putting our decorative advent wreaths at home.
All our wreaths are made by hand, leaf by leaf, flower by flower and we have worked hard to use only sustainable materials and of course preserved flowers.
They could not miss our flowers!

Wild Christmas Wreath

You can use our crowns outdoors as main doors of houses as well as in interior spaces such as walls of family rooms and rooms.

We have three sizes: large 40cm., medium 30cm. and small 20cm..

As for the stars, they symbolize the light that will guide us on our way. It is also associated with the spirit of celebration and with great illusions.

Its structure is simpler and more minimalist, but the result when you expose it is wonderful.

We have two models, the Christmas Star and the Christmas Star with lights.


We hope you like them because we have made them with a lot of Love. Especially for you, for these days that are about to arrive and so that you have them on time and can enjoy with your family, because children love them!

See you soon!

love one another

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